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Anindo adalah konsultan pendidikan International berpengalaman sejak tahun 1993. Dengan memberikan personal counseling dari foundation program hingga master degree, kami telah membantu ribuan siswa-siswi Indonesia meraih mimpi belajar ke luar negeri.

Our Team

Tim kami memiliki pengetahuan yang mendalam mengenai berbagai sekolah dan jurusan, dan juga pengertian dalam kebutuhna bagi calon siswa-siswi serta para orang tua, tim kami siap memberi berbagai informasi dan saran terbaik bagi siswa-siswi dan juga orang tua untuk melanjutkan edukasi di luar negeri

What we do

Kami siap membantu siswa-siswi dari kalangan individual maupun organisasi.

– konsultasi gratis secara personal dalam memilih jurusan serta institusi yang sesuai
– bantuan dalam mempersiapkan berbagai dokumen yang diperlukan
– persiapan ujian masuk
– memproses aplikasi yang dibutuhkan ke berbagai institusi
– memonitor aplikasi sesuai kebutuhan secara personal
– memberikan bantuan dan informasi tentang pemilihan akomodasi di negara tujuan
– visa dan tiket
– bantuan bagi anggota keluarga yang akan mendampingin siswa
– berbagai bantuan yang dibutuhkan siswa setelah keberangkatan

English Course

Kami menyelenggarakan berbagai program persiapan ujian yang diperlukan oleh berbagai institusi di luar negeri seperti TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GMAT, ITEP & GRE.


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Why Choose

Kami siap untuk terus membantu para siswa-siswi dan juga orang tua secara konsisten dalam menempuh mimpi berstudi di luar negeri, dan juga terus membantu Anda dalam proses mencari tempat studi dan pendaftaran ke sekolah pilihan

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Diskusi kuliah ke luar negeri di beberapa SMA di Jakarta

From Our Clients


Ms Gabriella Cynthiasari

BA4 (H) in International Hospitality Management, Swiss Hotel Management School

” The moment I decided to study abroad, I knew I had to consult with people who are professionals, consistent with their service and guidance. I am very grateful to have found Anindo. They ensured that I have full knowledge of the different options that I have and helped me decide on which one suits me best! Then, they stood by me through every step of the process, making it smooth and easy. Last but not least, the team consists of kind, friendly, fun and amazingly knowledgable individuals! “


Sindy Kharisma Putri

Accepted at Swiss Hotel Management School

“Applying for education abroad can be complicated, and I am grateful I had the professionals at Anindo for guidance and support. Anindo made the things pretty smooth for me right from selecting the right institute, right course, Visa application, Pre Departure arrangement, etc.

Not only for my process but gave me support and confidence professionally as well as personally. I want to thank the entire family of Anindo, especially Ms. Nathalia Lupita for helping me make the most important decision of my career. It’s because of Anindo, now I can proudly say that I am a student of Swiss Hotel Management School, which ranked as one of the Top 10 Hospitality and Leisure Management institutions in the world in the QS University Rankings”


Irena Chrisaputri

Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

”I was fortunate enough to walk straight up to Anindo and get everything done under one roof. The counselor was very informative and helpful; guided me to narrow down so many school options into one path that suits me best. I would thank Anindo to make me take the correct decision for my bright career.”


Catherine Susanto

Accepted at Swiss Hotel Management School, Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality and Events Management

“During my teenage years, I had trouble finding what I wanted to major in and where exactly to get my degree. If it wasn’t for Anindo, I would probably had gotten into a mediocre school, studying something that might not even bring out my full potential. Anindo had helped me discover what’s best for me. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, even though i asked way too many questions. It was a long process from choosing the school to the actual first day of studying, but Anindo made it feel like a breeze. I wouldn’t recommend any other education consultant, Anindo is just that good at what they are doing!”


Azaria Tan, BA (Hons)

Hospitality Management, SHMS

I felt thankful that I had Anindo’s team to consult with before starting my journey at Swiss Hotel Management School.
Before even the process began, they answered every doubts that I had until only confidence left.
The individuals are very trustworthy, professional and fully-equipped with “know-what-to-do” attitude, and surely their guidance also made my parents reassured that everything will be as smooth as it was when we started to consult to Anindo and trusted the whole process to their hands. Apparently, our feelings were all true 🙂
Huge thanks to these very knowledgable and reliable professionals!


Jessica Hardjono

Bacherlor of Arts in International Hospitality Management , Swiss Hotel Management School

“I did waste lots of time searching for the best Hospitality school. Never once i dreamed about studying in Switzerland, until i found Anindo. They helped me selecting the right school that suits me well. Most importantly, they made everything so smooth from day 1 till the day i graduated. Anindo’s team also very friendly and helpfull, they will always support and help even at odd hours.”


Winny Angeline

Bachelor of Administration in Finance, UC Irvine, University of California

“The administrative process when studying aborad can be gruesome, but Anindo handled it with full professionalism. Everything was quick and reliable. Although I was applying from a different city, there were no problems at all.”

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